The Casino Planet

The Casino Planet, or Cantonica, is a brand new planet in the Star Wars universe that appeared on The Last Jedi. Casinos and racetracks are found in Canto Bright, which is the capital city of the planet Cantonica. It is a high-end place created to provide the rich with an escape from the war and the doom of the First Order.

It is in Cantonica where a new class is introduced in the Star Wars Universe. This class is deemed as the wealthy tourists, gamblers and war profiteers. The Casino Planet somehow signifies a place where there is an apparent inequality between classes, wherein the extremely rich and powerful have the capability to escape the war, while others continue to live in oppression and poverty. Nevertheless, it is in The Last Jedi where audiences will be able to witness the resilient people who are able to embark on a lifestyle of change amidst the galactic struggle.

Why is the Casino Planet relevant in the film?

The Casino Planet simply needs to happen in order to emphasize the personal growth of the characters, particularly of Finn and Rose. Without the casinos in Canto Bright, Finn would not outgrow his notion of thinking only about his welfare and the wellbeing of his closest friends, rather than considering the benefit of several others around him. In the same manner, without the detour to Canto Bright, Rose would not be able to recognize her skills to be the type of reliable hero that she idolizes.

Can we expect a Casino Planet in the real world?

With the advancements in modern technology, nobody really knows for sure what humankind is capable of. But unfortunately, we can’t travel to a casino planet just yet, and the way things are developing it’s more likely that we will gamble at an online casino in the future. This is because an online casino is the closest we can get to have the same gaming technology, environment, and ambiance brought about by the Casino Planet.

We spoke to a representative of the British online casino PlayFrank, who were able to tell us their thoughts concerning a casino planet.

‘I would say a casino planet remains a distant hope in a galaxy far, far away. On the other hand, there has never been a greater time in history for consumers looking to play casino games. We are now able to access casino technology via the internet – not even Star Wars predicted that! The internet has become like a separate planet and there are thousands of online casinos in this space. Perhaps the internet is planet Earth’s very own Canto Bright!’ Source:

While the exteriors for Canto Bright were filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is a Mediterranian hotspot for tourists, what we have in the real world is only a reflection of it. Canto Bright is a place of luxury that is not situated on an exceptionally rich planet. If we look around the world around us today, we will be able to find several traditional and extravagant land-based casinos put up in countries that are not extremely wealthy. Yet, there are people patronizing these land-based casinos to be able to experience a certain form of entertainment and recreation not found elsewhere.

In conclusion, the Casino Planet is a significant addition in The Last Jedi because it is a mysterious place that kept the Star Wars fans engaged. It is a place of opportunity and high stakes because of several casinos and other expensive distractions intended for the rich and powerful, trying to get an escape from the war. It definitely is not the place where Rey, Finn, or Poe would fit in.


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