Which Celebrities Use Cannabis Medicinally?

Laws are easing up on cannabis use in various states across the USA, along with Canada as a whole. This is because people are waking up to the benefits of the herb, as increasing amounts of research provides evidence for cannabis being useful as medication.

In fact, there are a number of celebrity advocates who are helping work for more widespread approval of cannabis, and some of them use it for medical purposes such as combatting anxiety. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Do Some Celebrities Choose Cannabis?

The reason why many places have decided to legalize cannabis in recent years is that they are finding it hard to ignore the research which puts it in a favorable light. Various sources have proven numerous health benefits for marijuana users, but many patients hadn’t been able to get the help they needed until recently. Instead, cannabis was only available from the black market, where it can’t be regulated and may not be doing people’s bodies and minds any good. If you want to germinate female plants then you must choose the best feminized seeds only!

Some of the most important research into medicinal cannabis use has found that it can be used to help fight against conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. Other studies have brought about interest in a newly discovered condition called endocannabinoid deficiency. The research has provided some evidence for disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia coming about because of a deficiency in this system, which is responsible for regulating things such as sleep, mood, and pain – although further research is required to confirm the findings.

Celebrities may choose to take cannabis for pleasure, but others are quite likely using it to combat some of the illnesses and disorders mentioned above.

Which Celebrities Use Cannabis as a Way to Combat Illness?

Whoopi Goldberg has been a fierce supporter of the legalization of cannabis and created her own cannabis brand in 2016. Whoopi & Maya is an online shop that sells medicinal marijuana products in California and Colorado. The range is specifically designed to help females with menstrual pain by easing the symptoms of PMS. Goldberg herself claims to use a vape pen to help relieve symptoms associated with her glaucoma.

Morgan Freeman has offered support to the theory that fibromyalgia comes about due to an endocannabinoid deficiency. The actor famous for his roles in The Shawshank Redemption and Bruce Almighty says that he uses marijuana to relieve the fibromyalgia pain in his arm. Freeman wants to see the drug legalized across the board.

Michael J. Fox is one of the most famous Parkinson’s sufferers in the world, and his Foundation for Parkinson’s Research is campaigning for cannabis to be reclassified. The Back to the Future actor wants more research to be done into the health benefits of marijuana and believes that it can be highly beneficial for people who have been diagnosed with the degenerative disease.

In addition to these famous stars, Oliver Stone, Lady Gaga, David Crosby and Patrick Stewart have admitted to using cannabis as a way to treat various illnesses. With all of these household names backing the drug, it seems like it is only a matter of time before marijuana is made legal across the whole of the USA.


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