‘Avatar 2’ trailer reaches almost 150 million views in 24 hours

The official trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” has been viewed 148.6 million times in its first 24 hours online, according to Disney and 20th Century Studios. Of these, 23 million were from China. The number dwarfs all recent “Star Wars” releases.

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Remembering that the teaser of the new film began to be shown in the sessions of “Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness” and at CinemaCon, which makes the event even more extraordinary. “Avatar” (2009) is the highest-grossing film of all time, surpassing “Avengers: Endgame”. After 13 years, the official trailer for the new feature directed by James Cameron shows the return of Jake (Sam Worthington), ex-Marine, and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), now as a family, they struggle and try to survive amid the conflicts between humans and Na’vi that ravage Pandora.The video shows the visual richness characteristic of the work and only one sentence is narrated by Jake, “I know one thing: wherever we go, this family is our strength”.

“At the center of each of the four sequels will be the Sully family. Each story will be independent and each will come to its own conclusion. There will be satisfying resolution for each film, but when viewed as a whole, the journey through all four will create a larger epic saga,” said producer Jon Landau, during a panel at CinemaCon 2022, on the preview of two more films.

The actresses Kate Winslet, Michelle Yeoh and Oona Chaplin play Ronal, Dr. Karina Mogue and Varang, respectively. Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, CCH Pounder, Dileep Rao and Joel David Moore will also be in the film. “Avatar: The Way of Water” premieres on December 16.


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