George R.R. Martin confirms ‘Snow’, spinoff from ‘Game of Thrones’


Last week The Hollywood Reporter reported that HBO would be developing a series focusing on Jon Snow, the iconic character from “Game of Thrones.” Last Thursday (23), George R. R. Martin confirmed the production with the provisional title of “Snow”. 

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“Yes, there is a Jon Snow show in development. The Hollywood Reporter story was largely correct”, Martin revealed the news on his blog. According to the creator, the writer and showrunner were chosen by Harington, but he did not disclose their names as he still does not have the permission of the streaming. But he said that the project was conceived by the actor.

Previously, actress Emilia Clarke said in an interview with the BBC that Harington was in the spin-off. “He told me about it. And I know there is. It’s happening,” said Clarke, who played the co-star in the series.

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The writer clarified that there are four live-action successor shows in development by HBO. “Ten Thousand Ships, the Nymeria show, Helmed by Amanda Segel. Sea Snake, aka Nine Voyages, with Bruno Heller. And the Dunk & Egg show, The Hedge Knight or Knight of The Seven Kingdoms, with Steve Conrad writing. SNOW has been in development almost as long as the other three, but for whatever reason it was never announced and it never leaked…until now”. And he stressed that he is involved in all of them.

There is no release date yet for the Jon Snow spinoff. But it’s still too early to know if the entire series will actually be produced, as production only starts after the pilot episode is approved, and at the moment, Martin confirmed that all of them are still in the script writing phase.

The “House of the Dragon” spinoff, which takes place 200 years before the original series, is slated to premiere in August.


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