Premiere of release of new Marvel movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ gathers cast on red carpet

The world premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder took place last Thursday (23) in Hollywood. The cast gathered on the red carpet, and interacted with the excited audience in front of the theater. The main actors gave interviews, and revealed their expectations for this new release from Marvel, which brings more details of this new phase that the MCU enters. Stars like Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, among others were present at the event. 

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The first reactions about the film were compiled by the Hollywood Reporter, and we will list them below. It is worth remembering that at this point in the plot, Thor is in search of his place in the world, and tries to recover Asgard. Comments such as, “The movie is great”, and “Best Thor movie” were tallied, and many people felt that this sequence reveals more sentimental, compassionate moments. According to the reactions of the public who have already seen the film, there are moments to laugh and to cry, and many indicated that spectators bring a handkerchief. The expectation hovers around Jane Foster, who appears as Thor, and has the power to lift the famous hammer. 

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The fourth film dedicated to the god Thor also drew attention for its two post-credit scenes, which were rated as high quality by those present. The press called them “epic”. With the return of Taika Waititi in the direction of the film, there was a lot of praise for the production. The film opens on July 6 in cinemas worldwide.



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