Justin Bieber resumes concert schedule after facial paralysis

Singer Justin Bieber has announced that he intends to resume his concert schedule after an episode of facial paralysis. The singer should start his resumption in some festivals, and will start on July 31 in Italy, touring all over Europe. He left the stage more than a month ago, due to an illness that caused damage to his face.

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The news was confirmed by Bieber’s representative to Variety magazine. The singer is a carrier of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, and had to stop his schedule to take care of himself, after a crisis. The disease caused the nerves in his face to become paralyzed, and intensive treatment was required. Bieber even published a video apologizing to his fans, and showing the effects of the disease. “This virus attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves. It caused paralysis in my face,” he said. He even showed that he couldn’t even smile properly because of the problem.

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Justin was updating his fans each week, and with each evolution of the treatment. According to him, every day he got a little better, and even though it was painful and uncomfortable, he found comfort in the one who looks after him, God. The return announcement was made through a publication on the singer’s official networks. The statement says that Justin will resume his schedule, and will tour festivals in Europe, then he will continue with his world tour, passing through South America, South Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and already in 2023 he will return to Europe. Details of the shows that have been postponed in the US will be released soon.


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