Taylor Swift discography becomes a course at the University of Texas

The University of Texas will offer a course based on Taylor Swift’s entire discography. The news was announced through the University’s official Facebook profile and its theme is “Literary Contexts and Contests – The Taylor Swift Songbook”.

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The singer is known for always leaving clues in her songs, the institution will take advantage of this mysterious side of Taylor to attract new students. “Let’s turn that Easter Egg hunting and reading in detail to academic purposes!”, the institution wrote in the publication.

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The course lasts for one semester and will provide students with an introduction to literary studies and research methods using the artist’s compositions and will be taught by Professor Elizabeth Scala. According to the Austin American-Statesman, Scala claimed that she was introduced to Taylor Swift by her daughter, after the release of Red (Taylor’s Version). Elizabeth Scala explained that the singer became the focus of the class because she is an exceptional writer with creative talent and who speaks to audiences in ways other artists don’t.

“Swift is an intelligent and talented songwriter, and her writing skills are what made me focus on her,” Scala told the American-Statesman. “For me, it’s all about form (not just or even primarily about content). We will study Swift’s songs as poems and literary structures.”


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