Hailey Bieber reveals ovarian cyst: “The size of an apple”

Influencer and model Hailey Bieber has revealed that she is treating an ovarian cyst. Justin’s wife even showed the size of her belly, and denied being pregnant. According to her, the cyst is approximately the size of an apple.

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The model denied the rumors of a possible pregnancy, and stated that the swelling in the abdomen area is due to a cyst. She further explained that she does not suffer from endometriosis, and that she has never had anything related to polycystic ovary.

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Even so, Hailey stated that the cyst causes severe pain, and that it causes adverse effects, such as nausea, swelling in the region, cramps and mood swings. The model also stated that this is not her first time dealing with a cyst. We hope that everything goes well with your recovery.


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