Kim Kardashian responds to Balenciaga controversy

Model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has spoken out about the controversy surrounding the luxury brand Balenciaga. The brand launched a campaign full of controversy, and considered by many to be in bad taste. In the campaign material, photos with children and plush items with adult items drew attention, and caused questions in the artists who use and propagate the brand.

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Kim stated that he sought out the brand’s team to clarify what had happened, and said that he had not spoken about it in public because he wanted to know through themselves what happened. She said she was disgusted with the campaign, and said that as a mother of 4, she values ​​the safety and well-being of children. She further stated that there is no way to normalize child abuse of any kind in society.

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She was grateful for the brand’s apology, and was relieved with the campaign’s removal. For her, Balenciaga understood the seriousness of the issue, and positioned itself coherently. Kim has stated that he is re-evaluating the status of his partnership with the brand. “I’m basing it on your willingness to accept responsibility for something that should never have happened,” she said. Kim said he hopes to see more child protection actions coming from the brand.


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