5 biggest Golden Globe winners

As we gear up to watch Ricky Gervais tear apart our favorite stars as host of the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, we look back at some of the Globes’ most decorated actors.

5. Al Pacino (4 wins, 17 nominations) – Al Pacino made his name as a certified badass in the 1970s – the most badass decade in cinema. He won his first in 1974 for Serpico and continued his success later in his career with Scent of a Woman, Angels in America and You Don’t Know Jack.

4. Jack Nicholson (6 wins, 17 nominations) – The Globes certainly does know Jack. The king of the creepy laugh has been decorated with the prestigious award throughout his long career and won his first with Chinatown in 1975 while his most recent came for About Schmidt in 2003.

3. Shirley MacLaine (5 wins, 19 nominations) – MacLaine’s drama teacher mother must be looking down on the 81-year-old starlet with beaming pride. She won her fist Golden Globe as New Star of the Year in 1955 for The Trouble with Harry and kept raking them in until her most recent nomination for Coco Chanel in 2008.

2. Jack Lemmon (4 wins, 22 nominations) – Lemmon proudly stands as the highest ranking Jack on this list with a staggering amount of wins and nominations. His first came for Some Like It Hot in 1959, which he followed a year later as Shirley MacLaine’s costar in The Apartment.

1. Meryl Streep (8 wins, 29 nominations) – Meryl Streep is the undisputed queen of the Globes with more wins than any of her male or female colleagues. She had an early hot streak, winning three between 1979 and 1982 for Kramer vs. Kramer, The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Sophie’s Choice, before making a Globes comeback twenty years later with Adaptation. It might be some time before anyone catches the greatest living actress on the top of this list.


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