15 Television Actors Who Would Benefit From Taking New Roles

In the sports world, stars are sometimes accused of needing a “change of scenery.” The slogan does not refer to sight-seeing. Rather, it’s about the dangers of complacency. There’s a limit on how many times the same people, saying the same things, can motivate a high-priced talent to be at their amazing best.

And so it goes in show business. A young Sly Stallone was hailed as the next Marlon Brando, but later suffered from re-hashing the same franchises to the point of ridicule. In television, the blight of long-standing roles can be even worse, as a TV show’s familiar routine and hefty paycheck can lure an actor to linger long after the creative spark is gone.

Great roles are only great while the artist makes them tick. Here are 15 TV actors who have worn out their characters – and could benefit from taking on a new challenge.



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