“Baywatch” The Movie: The Original Cast Vs. The New Cast

In the 90’s, Baywatch was a fun show full with glamorous lifeguards running in slow motion through the beach and chasing each other on their jet skis.

Although the series was overly dramatic and even a little ridiculous from time to time—c’mon, who looks that good on a hot, humid beach?!—, Baywatch holds a special place in the hearts of many of us who grew up watching it. But now, Baywatch is ready to take on the big screen.

The new movie inspired by the television classic—although now, instead of a drama, it will have a much more humorous taste—has not only catch our attention, but also unleashed some questions about the future of this beloved franchise. Can Dwayne Johnson fill in the shoes of David Hasselhoff, the male lead of the show for 11 seasons? Will any of the new cast members become a pop culture icon like Pamela Anderson did? Will they once again wear their bright red swimsuits to save the day?

The only way to answer these questions is by comparing the original Baywatch cast vs. the new cast!


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