18 Celebrities Who Want Nothing To Do With Technology

Millions of eyes are watching their every move, every day. Perhaps that is why they flee from the visibility and exposure that comes with social networks. We are talking about the Hollywood starts, probably some of the best-known faces, who have at least once admitted their dislike for internet and social media.

Chris Pine recently admitted he uses a flip-phone, and that this—and a record player—were devices he had purchased in an effort to make his life a little simpler. And he’s not the only one in Hollywood to turn his back on modern technology.

Some because they want to protect their privacy (to possible extent), other because they don’t tolerate the barrage of comment that would come from Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, and others simply because, no matter how hard they try, they just know how new technology works.

Here are 18 celebrities that have zero interest on computers, social media, smartphones, or even the internet. Like… at all.


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