30 Pictures of Litchfield Inmates Out Of Their Uniforms

Sharpie as eyeliner, tampons as hair curling tubes, and as Flaca and Maritza most recently taught us in season 5 of Orange Is The New Black, cooking spices as contour powder and highlight. Hmmm… that doesn’t make the cut for a cute look.

But let’s cut these women some slag! You do what you can when you’re in prison. And to be quite honest, Maritza’s makeup look better than that of many who use the “MAC Pro Palette and #19 Fan Brush” to contour our face daily outside of prison. The inmates at Litchfield sure know how to rock that orange uniform. S

If they can look that look with that little, can you imagine how they would look when they ditch the khaki pants and the heavy boots for night gowns and high-heels?

The Orange Is the New Black stars certainly look very different when they’re not behind bars. Here’s how the cast of your favorite women’s jail looks like without prison garb.


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