“My Best Friend’s Wedding” Cast 20 Years Later

A day like today June, 20, but in 1997, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” played for the very first time on theaters, one of Julia Robert’s most emblematic movies, and an absolute icon con the late 90’s.

Today marks 20 years since we first rooted for Julianne Potter as she desperately tried to stop her best friend’s wedding, and thus, win his love back. Well, that until we met sweet Kimmy and changed our minds about the wicked plan.

In honor of one of our favorite romantic comedies ever, we decided to take a look back to the cast of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and see how much they’ve changed over the last two decades. Check out our photo gallery above to see what Julia Roberts, Dermont Mulroney, Cameron Díaz, and the rest of the stars of this funny movie have been up to since 1997.


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