Hollywood’s 23 Most Handsome Dads

  • David Beckham (Photo: Archive)

  • John Legend (Photo: Archive)

  • Jay Z (Photo: Archive)

  • Josh Duhamel (Photo: Archive)

  • Channing Tatum (Photo: Archive)

  • John Krasinski (Photo: Archive)

  • Kanye West (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Hemsworth (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Smith (Photo: Archive)

  • Matthew McConaughey (Photo: Archive)

  • Brad Pitt (Photo: Archive)

  • Príncipe William (Photo: Archive)

  • Orlando Bloom (Photo: Archive)

  • Justin Timberlake (Photo: Archive)

  • Usher (Photo: Archive)

  • Vin Diesel (Photo: Archive)

  • Pete Wentz (Photo: Archive)

  • Ryan Reynolds (Photo: Archive)

  • Tom Hardy (Photo: Archive)

  • Ben Affleck (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Martin (Photo: Archive)

  • Hugh Jackman (Photo: Archive)

  • Dwayne Johnson (Photo: Archive)

David Beckham (Photo: Archive)

Talented, rich, and famous. That’s how some of Hollywood’s dads are. And on top of that, they are super handsome.

Their abilities amaze the world, while their sweet daddy instincts with their very lucky munchkins melt the hearts of their fans all around the world.

Soccer players, singers, actors, and even members of the royalty take time out of their hectic schedules to engage themselves in body and soul to the only and true owners of their hearts: their children.

Forget about the fancy black tuxedo on the red carpet! These men prefer a lose pair of sweatpants and a fun play date next to their little ones.

Since tomorrow we celebrate Father’s Day, we want to pay tribute to those who are not only the most handsome men of the showbusiness, but also the most amazing dads. These are the 23 cutest pictures of the Hollywood’s hottest daddies.

Happy Father’s Day!

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