Where Are They Now? The Cast of The Mummy Trilogy

Tom Cruise in the role of Alex Kurtzman is starring the new reboot of The Mummy. And although this will be the fourth adaptation of the story, Stephen Sommer’s version succeeded in reviving a genre that seemed extinct: that of the cinema starring terrifying creatures without appearing ridiculous or falling into archaic clichés.

In 1999, The Mummy was an evil Egyptian sorcerer who after being buried alive and sleeping for thousands of years, is revived—accidentally, though—to dominate the world and awaken his beloved Anck-Su-Namun. Right in the mid-twenties, in the mist of the Dry Crusade, Mussolini’s dictatorship, and all the rest of the elements of the early twentieth century, the mummy begins sucking people uncontrollably to become what he once was. But not before having to face an intrepid but funny group of archaeologists trying to stop him.

Of course, the film was a blockbuster hit: it gained over $400 million worldwide. The sequel was good, as it was an extension of Imhotep’s story with the original actors. The third movie, however, was not so well received.

Still, The Mummy trilogy catapulted the career of several of its cast members. For some, it was their only major role before going back to secondary characters. For other, The Mummy was just the beginning of their acting career as Hollywood’s A+ stars.

Before the sarcophagus cracks one more time, let’s take a look at the actors and actresses who ventured to explore The Mummy’s tomb…


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