Till Death Tears Them Apart! The 40 Strongest Marriages in Hollywood

Fame, money, and temptations have failed to tear apart these couples. These Hollywood marriages, some of them almost reaching the two-decades mark, have shown that neither their love nor their commitment were something temporary.

It is difficult enough for the common mortals to grow together in their marriages, but in Hollywood, problems multiply. Job stress, long promotional tours, and the temptation of fellow cast members are just a few of the reasons why the celluloid couples break up. Just ask Brad and Angelina.

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to maintain a strong relationship, these couples are the exception to the rule. They have found the secret key to remain faithful to each other and stay together despite the pressures of being famous and enduring long separations.

Ready to restore your faith in life and love? Enjoy this list of the Hollywood marriages that last, and last, and last…


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