“A Walk To Remember” Where Is The Cast Now?

It’s hard to believe “A Walk to Remember” was released 15 years ago. Seems like it was yesterday when sweet Jamie Sullivan and tough Landon Carter made us uncontrollably sob as we watched their tragic romance. Nicolas Spark’s best movie adaptation continues to stir the hearts of its original fans, and that of the new generations that now thinks it’s an oldie but a goodie.

And although this love story ended in tragedy, we haven’t stopped reliving Jamie and Landon’s romance every time we watch the movie, or whenever we find one of the “A Walk To Remember” stars cast in another production (although that makes no sense, because, you know, they are Jamie and Landon!).

More than a decade into the movie’s premier, find out where live has taken Mandy Moore, Shane West, and the rest of the cast that brought to life this moving story. Check out the photo gallery above, as we all remember… “A Walk To Remember”.


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