The 25 Most Charitable And Philanthropic Celebrities

Millions of dollars go into celebrities’ pockets every time they shoot a movie, walk down the runway, or perform in a concert. And if we add the money they make on their own (clothing brands, fragrances, and exclusive interviews), they’ll often end up with 7+ figures bank accounts.

What to do with all that money when you’ve already bought everything you ever wanted? Sure, you could star spending it carelessly in gold toilets and private islands—just ask Johnny Depp and his former business managers.

Or, just like a few celebrities in Hollywood, you could take that money and do something with it for the greater good. Despite their fame, wealth, and hectic schedules, some famous names in the entertainment industry do a lot of charity work to help causes that are close to them.

Do you know who we are talking about? These are 25 celebrities who give back and do good, and the causes they support.


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