Ben Affleck Dating History in 10 Pictures

Over the past few months, and especially last week after he was seen on a date with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus, Ben Affleck’s romantic life has made its way to the headlines.

For nearly 10 years, the Oscar-winning actor was married to actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he shared a relatively normal family life—leaving aside the fame and the fortune—next to their three adorable children. Ben Affleck’s private life was so normal—meaning so boring for tabloid standards—that it wasn’t news material.

But since their separation back in 2015, and later divorce earlier this year, things have changed a lot for Affleck. Rumors, statements, and paparazzi photos are now an every-day thing for the actor.

After almost a decade of peace, love, and tranquility, Ben Affleck’s hectic love life takes us all by surprise once again. But this is not the first time the actor’s romances are on everyone’s lips.

This is a recount of Ben Affleck’s official and rumored conquests in 10 pictures.


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