Blue Blood: Meet Other 16 Royal Families From Around The World

The British monarchy continues to capture the world’s attention. From Charles’ love dramas, to the conspiracy theories against Diana of Wales, to Queen Elizabeth II’s long reign, to Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge’s royal outfits, to the countless times Prince George has thrown the Royal Protocol Manual out of the window, the British monarchs are always on everyone’s lips.

But you should know that, in addition to Queen Elizabeth and her relatives, there are other royal families around the world, just as powerful—and, in many cases, much more— as the Windsor House. Some of them rule with political power, while others are simple stamp figureheads. Regardless of their real power, massive fortunes, or cultural differences, all these royal families share one thing: blue blood.

Take a look at our photo gallery above and discover how some of the Royal Families of the modern world look.


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