Hollywood’s Silver Foxes: 18 Male Celebrities Who Rock Gray Hair


Men are like wine, they only get better with time!

Not just because they become more mature and experience, but also because the gray hair gives them that je ne sais quai that suits them better. And in Hollywood, if you add the fame and fortune factors to the formula, you get the ultimate alfa male!

Step aside Zac Effron! Not even the hottest bodies in TV and films stand a chance against those sexy gray hairs!

Just a couple of days ago, Steve Carell just broke the internet with his sun-kissed tan, clean-shaven face, and full-blown gray hair. But he is only one of the many male celebrities who are pulling of the silver fox look.

They say men get better after 40, and we have no doubt about it! Take a look at this photo gallery of man who proudly own their silver heads, and let Hollywood show you the silver linings of gray hair.


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