Jennifer Lopez Through Time: 48 Years Of The Bronx Diva in 22 Pictures

It’s been almost five decades since the one and only Jennifer Lopez was born. But if you look closely, you’ll see that it seems as if the The Bronx Diva had discovered the fountain of eternal youth about 20 years ago. Jenny is closer to her fifties than she is to her thirties, but she looks better than many young girls in their twenties.

J-Lo continues to dazzle with her revealing outfits, trying—more like creating—new fashion trends before anyone else, owning every red carpet, leaving her soul on the stage, and showing off her many talents in TV and movies. All this without having her exhausting working days and countless project leaving track on her perfect skin and her sculptural body.

What’s her secret? Surgeries, exercise, or just good luck in the genetics department? Whatever her remedy against the passage of time is, there’s no denying J-Lo looks even better than the first day she set foot on a stage.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see for yourself how little—more like nothing—Jennifer Lopez has changed in 48 years, which we celebrate today.


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