Meet Carrie Fisher’s Daughter, Billie Lourd, With These 10 Fun Facts

This week we learned that the universal heir of the late Carrie Fisher, better known as the legendary Princess Leia, will be her only daughter, actress Billie Lourd.

And while Fisher’s assets, which include a mansion, a fleet of luxury cars, jewelries, artwork, and more, are valued at $24.98 million, Billie Lourd has inherited something far way more valuable: her mother’s talent.

The young actress has slowly but surely made her way into Hollywood, not because she comes from a well-known family in the entertainment industry, but thanks to her undeniable acting skills and her versatility in front of the cameras.

Fisher has passed the torch to her daughter Billie Lourd, and thanks to her, her legacy in Hollywood will continue to live.

Meet Carrie Fisher’s daughter, and potential maximum star, Billie Lourd with these 10 fun facts about her life.


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