Tom Cruise’s Best 15 Movies

Tom Cruise has overcome image crises, terrible marriages, and questionable hairstyles. But today, Tom Cruise is still clinging to his throne, seated in everyone’s memories: that Tom Cruise movie you saw on the first day with your girlfriend; that Tom Cruise movie that made you buy the aviator glasses that didn’t look half as good on you as they did on him; or that Tom Cruise movie from where you got your killing dance moves… but only in your briefs, of course.

If someone can brag about his resume, that is Tom Cruise.

He’s been in 42 films (the last one being The Mummy), half of which broke the $100 million barrier in the US—absolute record!

We celebrate the man who has gave up his private life to continue being the greatest male star in the world with this photo gallery of our 15 favorite Tom Cruise movies.

Happy 55th birthday, Maverick!


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