Winter Is Here! Best 23 Celebrity Reactions To Game of Thrones Premiere

Game of Thrones fans have been waiting over a year for the show to pick up back where it left off. And it finally did. Winter is here! WATCH OUT!
Spoilers ahead.

Season seven premiered on Sunday night and everyone—and we mean everyone—was losing their minds over it. I mean, who could keep their cool after Arya’s opening scene? How could you not be surprised at seeing Ed Sheeran pop up as a Lannister Soldier?

Game of Thrones latest episode did not disappoint. Not anyone. Not even celebrities. Actors, singers, models, designers, and even the show’s stars went full super fan for Game of Thrones.

From Twitter enthusiast like Leslie Jones to Game of Thrones’ one and only Maisie Williams, celebrities had plenty to say about the long-awaited newest season of the show. Stars, they’re just like us!

Click through our photo gallery above to see your favorite celebs freaking out to the start of the final battle to rule the Seven Kingdoms!


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