These Are The 15 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram

We are more likely to see Beyoncé’s baby bump or Taylor Swift’s cat on Instagram than we are to meet our flesh-and-blood friend’s baby or pet in real life. With multiple 7-figures followers accounts on Instagram, it is safe to say that boundaries have blurred just as much as proximities have shortened.

The true fame of new celebrities is reflected in the number of followers they have on social media, with Instagram being their favorite tool to document their glamourous lives. And they are fully aware of the impact their accounts have on their fans, meaning Instagram is not only the daily app par excellence, but a big profitable business as well.

Chances are, the pool side picture you just saw wasn’t and in fraganti photo, but a fully arranged mini-magazine style shoot, with its corresponding paraphernalia: hair and makeup artist, stylist, professional photographer, and a sponsorship from the bathing suit/hotel/drink company he or she is so happily enjoying.

Still, we buy the whole shebang, we follow their accounts, and we live for their posts! Not for nothing these are the 15 most followed celebrities on Instagram.


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