Birthday Special: Tim Burton’s Movies Ranked Best to Worst

Tim Burton is one of the most visual and emotional directors of our time. Aesthetically, his signature pale faces with dark circles, tormented characters, women with blond wigs, and poorly lit mansions—not to Johnny Depp’s multiple appearances— have been influencing the film industry for the last three decades.

I mean, is it even possible to look at a crooked tree branch without thinking of Tim Burton?

What the world sees as sinister, disturbing, and bloody, for director Tim Burton is magical, poetic, and prized. A message of hope for all the teenage weirdos who feel rejected by society. That’s the key to the massive success of Tim Burton. He has turned the extravagant and unusual into popular and commercial.

Celebrating his 59th birthday, here are all of Tim Burton movies—from best to worst—, which have consolidated him as the preeminent auteur of the gothic and the macabre.

P.S. Even though he didn’t direct it, we are including The Nightmare Before Christmas, because, you know, Jack Skellington!


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