Happy Birthday Maggie Wheeler! The 15 Best Moment Of Janice From Friends

  • Each and every one of her OH. MY. GOD!’s. (Photo: Archive)

  • Every time she made that squeaky sound—I mean, every time she laughed. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Janice takes her breakup with Chandler like a champ, saying that she knows they’ll end up back together one day. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she made Chandler believe the baby she was expecting was his. A classic prank! (Photo: Archive)

  • When she hangs out with Joey for a whole day, making multiple attempts to get him to like her, but miserably failing. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she ends up falling out off of bed accident after Chandler tries the ancient technique of “hug for her, roll for you”. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she blatantly asks who of the group have slept together, leading into The One With The Flashback. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Janice stays at the airport until Chandler’s plane takes off to Yemen. (Photo: Archive)

  • That one episode when Janice dated Ross! (Photo: Archive)

  • When Janice’s voice is heard at the end of the romantic mix tape Chandler gave Monica for Valentine’s day. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she wishes Monica “a lifetime of happiness”, and tells Chandler to call her when his relationship “goes in the pooper”. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Janice shares a hospital room with Rachel as she is going through labor very slowly. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she jokes saying that her new-born son it’s Rachel’s daughter’s future husband. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she offers her help so that Chandler can make his deposit in the cup at the fertility clinic. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she passionately kisses Chandler for the last time! (Photo: Archive)

Each and every one of her OH. MY. GOD!’s. (Photo: Archive)

Every time you you hear the word “friends”, you probably think of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, and Joey hanging out at the purple apartment. But, while the hit TV show from the late 90’s and early 00’s only had six main characters, Janice—a.k.a. guest-star Maggie Wheeler—proved to be just as iconic as Central Perk itself!

Chandler Bing’s boomerang love interest appeared at least once during all 10 seasons of the series. With her squeaky voice, her annoying laugh, and her iconic punch line, the eccentric Janice undoubtedly became one of the most memorable and beloved characters from Friends.

Today, Maggie Wheeler is celebrating her 56th birthday—OH. MY. GOD! – and we honor her this collection of her 15 best moments as the loudmouth Janice in Friends.


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