Top 22 Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles

You are craving for a makeover! But first, there’s work to do. You browse through Pinterest and Google Images for a little inspiration. Too long, too short, too crazy…Bingo! That’s what you want. You call the beauty salon and make an appointment. The big transformation day is here. You grab your phone—or as we would do in the good old days, you grab your magazine—and take it with you. Once sitting on the chair, you pull out a picture of Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, or Kate Middleton and say to the stylist: I want to look like this!

Celebrities have always been references of style, whether it be clothes, shoes, jewelry or hair. But while there are some fashion pieces that are completely out of our budget—let’s be honest, celebrities tend to wear my entire pay check in one single outfit—, when it comes to hair, things are a little bit more accessible.

All you have to do is go with your hairstylist, and ask for the cut, the do, or the color of your favorite Hollywood star!

Who hasn’t dream with having Rachel Green’s haircut? Or Kelly Osbourne’s lilac head? Or Julia Robert’s wild curls? Some are more extreme than others, but these 22 celebrities have—or have had—the most iconic hairstyles of all time! Click through our photo gallery above to meet the celebrities who have—literally—shaped the heads of many generations.


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