The Ultimate List Of The 15 Hottest Chrises In The Showbiz

  • Chris Evans (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Hemsworth (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Pratt (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Pine (Photo: Archive)

  • Christian Bale (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Martin (Photo: Archive)

  • Christoph Waltz (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Lowell (Photo: Archive)

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo: Archive)

  • Criss Angel (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Colfer (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Brown (Photo: Archive)

  • Chris Noth (Photo: Archive)

  • Christian Navarro (Photo: Archive)

  • Christopher Meloni (Photo: Archive)

Chris Evans (Photo: Archive)

Hollywood has a Chris surplus! But unlike any other business, this isn’t a problem. Their strong jawline, superhero bod, sparkling smile—oh, yes, and their undeniable talent have them all not only co-existing in the entertainment business, but shining under their own spotlight.

These 15 Chrises—and its derivatives—are debunking the myth that there can be no other Tom, Angelina, or in this case, no other Chris. There’s room for every Chris—from Evans, to Hemsworth, to Pratt, to Pine.

It is a good time to be a Chris in the showbiz!

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