13 Celebrities With Beautiful Freckled Faces

A face full of spots is the new thing!

There was a time when airbrushed skin was the hottest trend in Hollywood. Concealer and foundation were every women’s best friend when it came to covering up those little annoying spots—a.k.a. freckles— on their faces.

But there’s always an exception to the rule, and these gorgeous celebrities are embracing their speckled faces instead of hiding them under layers and layers of makeup. And so, what once were considered “beauty imperfections”, today are the ultimate “beauty marks”.

I mean, even beauty gurus are now teaching how to create the perfect faux freckle look!

There’s something youthful and refreshing about freckles. And here are 13 pictures of your favorite celebs to prove my point—and why not, to give you a little inspiration to help you embrace your own!


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