15 Things You Didn’t Know About Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner

The man in the jacket robe, the ultimate ladies’ man, the eternal playboy.

On Wednesday night, the world said goodbye to the man who made bunny rabbits sexy. Hugh Hefner quietly passed away at the Playboy Mansion at the aged of 91. His death marked the end of an era.

His magazine, his outfit, and his girls—as he liked to call them— made of Hef not only one of the most controversial figures of our time, but also an undeniable pop culture icon.

“Much of my life has been like an adolescent dream of an adult life,” Hefner told The Times in 1992. “If you were still a boy, in almost a Peter Pan kind of way, and could have just the perfect life that you wanted to have, that’s the life I invented for myself.”

Now that he has passed on to a better place (although I don’t think he’d agree there’s a better place other than the Playboy mansion), we share with you 15 little known facts about Playboy founder and editor-in-chief, Hugh Hefner.


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