25 Celebrities React To Mexico Powerful Earthquake

On Tuesday at 13:14 pm, a terrible earthquake shook the capital of Mexico and its surroundings, only two weeks after having suffered the worst earthquake in the history of the country.

The incident occurred exactly on the 32nd anniversary of the September 19, 1985 deadly earthquake, and just one hour after emergency drills were held in memory of which was one of the worst catastrophes that has ever occurred in Mexico.

The earthquake of 7.1 on the Ritcher scale has left terrible infrastructural damages in Mexico City, where over 40 building fell to the ground, including a private school where 21 children between the ages of 7 and 8 lost their lives. So far, the total balance is 222 confirmed deaths, and hundreds who are injured.

Celebrities around the world reacted to the terrible news of the earthquake, which has already flooded the headlines of the most important media. Actors, singers, activist, and politicians sent words of love and support to those affected by the natural disaster in Mexico. These are their messages.


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