Celebrating Nick Jonas 25th Birthday With 25 Pictures Of His Past Year

  • This is Nick Jona’s last year in a nutshell. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He worked in the set of his new movie, the upcoming Jumanji remake. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He spent some good quality time with Joe #FamilyFirst (Photo: Instagram)

  • He channeled his inner Indiana Jones. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He was the scarecrow to Demi’s Dorothy for Halloween. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Like a good American citizen, HE VOTED! (Photo: Instagram)

  • He met his new niece, Valentina Angelina Jonas. Talk about a cute picture! (Photo: Instagram)

  • He spent a lot of time in the studio! (Photo: Instagram)

  • He exercised. Those muscles are not going to keep in shape on their own. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He flew around the world in his private jet. #Casual (Photo: Instagram)

  • He took a selfie with JLo! I mean, that alone makes his year a GREAT year. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He became a UFC champion. Ok, he didn’t. But he took this picture. (Photo: Instagram)


  • He looked handsome as ever… (Photo: Instagram)

  • I mean, c’mon! Look at him! (Photo: Instagram)

  • He played some piano… or touched it. Whatever. Is the same. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He went shoe shopping. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He had fun with his friends! A.k.a. His brother, his brother’s band, and Demi. (Photo: Instagram)

  • He admired the Paris landscape, although… hey, Nick, the big pretty building is back there! (Photo: Instagram)

  • Man! Another Jonas Brothers reunion?! Why tho?! Why?! (Photo: Instagram)

  • He went to Coachella, and wore this interesting outfit… (Photo: Instagram)

  • He suited up! (Photo: Instagram)

  • He had dinner with Jack Black! (Photo: Instagram)

  • He won the Iron Throne. Long live Nick Jonas, King of the Seven Kingdoms. (Photo: Instagram)

  • And most importantly, he kept doing what he loves the most: music. (Photo: Instagram)

This is Nick Jona’s last year in a nutshell. (Photo: Instagram)

The youngest Jonas Brother—we’re talking about the band… so, no, it’s not Frankie—turns 25 today! And he certainly lived this past year to the fullest!

The pop star life comes with its perks: traveling around the world, expensive clothing, partying with fellow celebrities…But Nick Jonas kept himself grounded in 2016 and good part of 2017 by staying in touch with nature, his family, and his closest friends.

Today, we celebrate his 25th birthday with 25 of his best Instagram pictures. Click through our photo gallery above to see Nick Jonas’ past year in a nutshell. Happy birthday Nick!

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