Happy National Grandparents Day! 16 Celebrities With Their Grannies and Grandpas

  • “Because I’m her favorite & she is mine.” Miley Cyrus and her “Mammie”, Loretta Finley. (Photo: Instagram)

  • “My grandmother is in charge of my morals,” Perry once said about her granny Ann Hudson. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Justin Bieber shares a clos bond with his maternal grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale. Her grandma is a big supporter! (Photo: Instagram)

  • “Nothing like a grandfather’s love” JB captioned this picture. (Photo: Instagram)

  • “For the rest of my life I’ll be grateful for the one of a kind lesson only our grandparents can teach us. Miss you grandma and I hope you hear me cause I’m still quietly singin’ away to you.” Dwayne Johnson. (Photo: Facebook)

  • Rihanna used to be very close to her grandma Clara Braithwaite, known as Dolly, before she lost a long battle with cancer. (Photo: Instagram)

  • “So many memories you helped create! I love you so much!” said Kim Kardashian of her grandma, Kriss Jenner’s mom. (Photo: Instagram)

  • MJ Campbell has to be one of the most popular grandmas in social media thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner sisters! (Photo: Instagram)

  • Here’s a cute snap of Kendall kissing MJ. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Even Kylie takes pictures with her! (Photo: Instagram)

  • “The real star of the evening #QueenNonna” Ariana Grande captioned this picture. (Photo: Instagram)

  • “He is such an incredible man,” Paris said about her grandpa Barron Hilton. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Though Rita Ora’s grandma lives in Kosovo, they are very close. Granma Besa visits her in England every year. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Justin Timberlake’s grandma is her good-luck charm. “Just flexin’ real hard at this @memgrizz game with my Granny. She must be good luck… We won by 16.” (Photo: Instagram)

  • Selena Gomez snuggling up to her papa David Cornett. (Photo: Instagram)

  • “He always has a smile on his face and is very loving and caring. We’re all luck to have him. To me he’s just loveable Harry. I don’t think of him as this well-known pop star like everyone else” said proud grandpa Brian Selley of Harry Styles. (Photo: Instagram)

“Because I’m her favorite & she is mine.” Miley Cyrus and her “Mammie”, Loretta Finley. (Photo: Instagram)

Neither fame nor money are stronger to break the special bond between a grandchild and his grandparents.

These celebrities may have millions of fans all around the world, but their biggest supporters, those who are always cheering for them, the ones who know all their songs and have watched all their films (or TV reality episodes?) are their grandparents.

And their love is a two-way street! Despite their many concerts, red carpets, photo shootings, and everything else in their crazy agendas, these A-listers still manage to spend some good quality time with their grannies and grandpas. As we should all!

Yesterday was National Grandparents Day, and we celebrate it with our favorite pictures of 16 celebrities next to their adorable grandparents.

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