Ivanka Trump’s 25 Best Family Pictures

  • Cuddling with baby Eric Trump is the latest of many cute family portraits in Ivanka Trump’s Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Ivanka’s Instagram is full with adorable snaps with her three little monkeys: Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Oh, and some Air Force One special appearances. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Only some. Is not like she’s bragging or anything… (Photo: Instagram)

  • … Ok, I take that back. She’s totally bragging. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Other than that, is all family cuteness. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Like their adorable birthday celebrations with noodles! (Photo: Instagram)

  • Channeling their inner Lady and the Tramp. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Birthday noodles, an adorable Kushner-Trump family tradition. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Although they also have birthday cakes! (Photo: Instagram)

  • And delicious breakfasts hosted by a 6-year-olds. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Ivanka Trump sure enjoys good quality time with her kiddos. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Like taking them to baseball games. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Visiting the zoo in DC. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Having some after-soon blast making hamentashen. (Photo: Instagram)

  • And even taking them to daddy’s golf resort in Palm Beach #casual . (Photo: Instagram)

  • In her word, spending time with her kids is Ivanka’s “best moment of the day”. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Specially at the end of a long day working hand in hand with her father, Mr. President. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Maybe that’s why she brings Arabella with her to work. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Or let’s Joseph play at the Conference Room like any other child would do. (Photo: Instagram)

  • But I bet her favorite moments are when the 5 of them are together. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Whether it is lightening up the candles for Hanukkah… (Photo: Instagram)

  • … Celebrating Thanksgiving with Jared’s family… (Photo: Instagram)

  • … Or driving around the streets of DC in a private limo. (Photo: Instagram)

  • The Kushners are all smiles when they’re together! (Photo: Instagram)

Cuddling with baby Eric Trump is the latest of many cute family portraits in Ivanka Trump’s Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. President’s favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump—sorry, Tiffany— posted a picture on her Instagram with the new born, Eric Luke Trump.

After his brother broke the news of the birth of his first son exactly one week ago, auntie Ivanka was the first to take to Twitter and congratulate the new parents Eric and Lara Trump, expressing she “[couldn’t] wait to meet” little Eric Junior. And yesterday, she finally did.

The adorable picture of Mrs. Kushner holding the baby in her arms already has over 120,000 likes on Instagram. But this isn’t the first time Ivanka has shared a cute family snap on the platform. In fact, she’s done it several times, as she apparently is the epitome of motherhood.

And since there’s nothing more real and reliable than what we see in social media *insert sarcasm here*, we present to you Ivanka Trump’s 25 best family pictures on Instagram, proving that she’s all about family.

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