12 Famous People Born In Spain

Tomorrow, Spain celebrates the Fiesta Nacional de España—the national day of Spain. This date commemorates Christopher Columbus’ first arrival in the Americas in 1492. And although Columbus was Italian, everybody knows he set sail for the Indies—a.k.a. the New World—under the auspices of the Spanish monarchy, thus the national holiday.

But that’s enough history for today!

In early celebration of Spain’s national day, we present to you 12 of the most famous faces born in the land of the setting sun! From actors, to directors, to singers, to models, to sportsmen, to even royalty, Spain is the cradle of some of the greatest and most diverse talents today.

Olé, Spain!

Click through our photo gallery above to learn who they are. Some of them you probably never imagine that they are, in fact, Spaniards!


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