20 Snaps Of The Stranger Things 2 Premiere In L.A.

On Thursday night, ahead of the launch of Stranger Things Season 2, Los Angeles transformed into the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana as the Netflix hit sci-fi mystery show made its come back!

The Stranger Things family celebrated the premiere of the highly anticipated second part of the 80’s nostalgia series at the Westwood Village Theater in L.A.

Some of the cast members wowed us with their off-screen looks, looking nothing like they do on the show, while other proved to be just as cool and stylish as their characters in the series.

It was all smiles ang giggles at the celebration for the return of the Demogorgon and the upside-down world—which is extremely ironic… but we’ll roll with it!

Here are 20 snaps of the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere in Los Angeles!


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