32 Celebrities Share Mortifying Puberty Pictures To Raise Money For Puerto Rico

Being humiliated online had never been so good!

On Wednesday night, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert and actor Nick Kroll invited celebrities to use the #PuberMe hashtag and post their most embarrassing pictures of their puberty years.

The comedians’ challenge will help victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, as both Colbert and Kroll will be donating money for every awkward picture shared.

Of course, this pair were the first to reveal their mortifying snaps. But as soon as the challenge was extended, the challenge was accepted, and A-listers started to post their best (or maybe we should say their worst) photos in full growing-stage!

And let me tell you something—it’s clear that no one, not even our favorite celebs, look good at puberty. Pimples, braces, weird hairstyles… You know what? It’s better if you see it for yourself.

Here are 32 hilarious pictures of the celebrities who accepted the #PuberMe challenge.


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