Birthday Special: 10 Facts About Drake That Will Make You Love Him Even More!

We love Drake. Plain and simple. We don’t care if the world thinks he’s just flat out obnoxious or a weird dancer. We love him, and you should too.

Maybe it’s his musical talent, maybe it’s his beard, maybe it’s the fact that he’s Canadian… what are we talking about—of course that’s not it!

Whatever it is, we’re all in.

From playing a wheelchair-bound high schooler on TV, to getting a phone call from Lil Wayne overnight, to becoming a self-made sensation known across the globe, you can’t ignore the fact that Drake is one of the biggest rap artists in the world (make some room, Slim Shady).

Celebrating his 31sth birthday, here are 10 facts that will make you love him even more—or, if that’s the case, fall for him once and for all!


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