What the Smallville Original Cast Looks Like Today

Somebody teeeeeeeeeell me what the Smallville cast is up to today!

This week marked 16 years since the beginning of our favorite superhero series, Smallville (sorry, Flash!). The 00’s show followed Clark Kent’s journey from being and ordinary high schooler and impromtu hero to Daily Planet journalist and full-time superhero.

Whether it was because of Clark’s personality, the love drama, or the never-ending teen dilemmas (mixed with some out of this world—pun intended—predicaments), Smallville presented a unique version of the iconic DC Comics character that we could all relate to in our younger years.

But we’ve all grown up since those days when we rushed from school to see Clark in a new adventure, including the Smallville original cast! How do the look now? Whath have they been to since Somebody Save me stopped playing on our TVs?

Find out the A’s to your Q’s in our photo gallery above!


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