15 Bald Celebs Who Prove Men Can Be Hot Without Hair

Yes, Jared Leto, John Stamos and George Clooney are very, very handsome and widely known for their luscious, full hair. But—who says a thick mane equals hotness?

Some of the most attractive men in the entertainment business have no one single hair on their heads, and still, they’ve managed to conquer millions of hearts as we see them starring on our favorite TV shows and movies, rocking in the most popular stages, and scoring on the game court.

There’s something about a bald man that it just makes us go crazy! Maybe is their neat look. Perhaps is that bad guy vibe. Or maybe is just the fact that they feel so comfortable in the own skin that they have the courage to show their shaved heads and be proud of it.

Here are 15 male celebs that prove a man can be hot without hair. Long live the bald!


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