Birthday Special: 15 Life Lessons We’ve Learned From Miley Cyrus In 2017

Despite her crazy hair do’s, revealing outfits and suggestive dance moves—a.k.a. her Bangerz days—, in 2017 Miley Cyrus has truly proven to be much wiser that we’ve given her credit for.

This year, the former Disney girl not only embarked herself on a path of redemption, undergoing a self-regeneration process documented in her new album Younger Now, but she also showed that she can be political, selfless, and romantic, all without losing her wild, unique essence that we so love.

2017 has been a good great amazing year for Miley Cyrus, and we’re lucky we’ve catch at least a glimpse of it! Celebrating her 25th birthday, here are 15 life lessons we’ve learned from the funny, beautiful, and super talented Miley Cyrus.


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