Hollywood’s 15 Hottest Bachelors Over 30

Our hearts literally ache. Ok, not really, but only in 2017, we’ve already lost Michael Fassbender, Kit Harington, and now Prince Harry. Our potential husband-to-be list keeps shrinking by the day!

But don’t worry! There are still plenty of single fish in the Hollywood sea!

Whether they’re actors or singers these celebrity hunks are the best in the business but shockingly luckily, they still aren’t tied down!

While they’re not exactly spring chickens (all of them are over 30), some of these silver foxes have enough sex appeal to set hearts aflutter for many years to come—unless they find their own Meghan Markle.

From the suddenly single to the bad boy bachelors who just can’t seem to settle down, we’ve made a list of the best bachelors over 30 who are bound to catch your eye.


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