17 Times Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler Were Couples Goals

Today is Vanessa Hudgen’s 29th birthday, and we’re already looking forward to her romantic birthday celebration pictures next to longtime boyfriend Austin Butler.

I know, I know… You must me asking yourself ‘how in the heck do they already know those pictures are going to be cute?’ Well, the answer it’s simple. Not only are Vanessa and Austin beautiful to look at (that hair, tho!), but they’re also incredibly sweet with each other. So there’s no need to see those pictures to already know that well’ love them!

Just take a look at her Instagram and you’ll see what all they hype is about.

Boho, romantic, boho, cute, boho, sexy, boho… For the last 6 years, Hudgens and Butler have embodied #RelationshipGoals to a tee. Just take a look at our photo gallery above and you’ll be remined why Vanessa and Austin are one of our all-time favorite celeb pairs!


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