Happy Birthday Frankie Muniz! 21 Times Malcom Was The Best Character In “Malcolm In The Middle”

Frankie Muniz—a.k.a. Cody Banks—, the not-so-child actor who played Malcolm in the legendary series, is turning 32 today.

Just a couple months ago, the actor turned car racer, turned drummer, turned dancer confessed that he can’t remember those nostalgic days when he became an icon to our generation (I’m not crying—you’re crying!). But we refuse to accept the fact that he’ll forget forever his beloved lower middle-class family, his four unbearable but noble brothers, the toughest mother on earth, and a father who could give his life to never go to work on Fridays for 15 years!

Along with Bryan Cranston, his fictional father, who is committed to helping him remember his golden days, we make it our life mission (ok—not quite, but you get the point!) to always remind Frankie Muniz what a great Malcolm he was!

Yes no, maybe, I don’t know… these are 21 times Malcolm was (arguably) the best character in “Malcolm In The Middle”.


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