John Mayer And Other 15 Celebs Who’ve Shared Pictures From The Hospital

Interviews, tours, concerts, red carpets… Every so often, the demanding schedule of the Hollywood celebrities takes it tool on their poor bodies, which, at the end of the day, are flesh and bones just like the rest of us!

Despite their fortune and fame, celebrities are not exempt from suffering the most common diseases, like the flu or food poisoning—and even the more serious ones like an appendicitis (right, John Mayer?).

Even so, these singers, actors, and models never forget about their loyal fans, not even when they are lying in a hospital bed. Because don’t get it twisted—those dramatic selfies they take while they’re plugged to a machine aren’t to gain more likes to feed their big egos. No. They do it because they want to keep their followers posted and let them know they’re OK.

These are 16 celebrities who have documented their trips to the hospital on Instagram and Twitter!


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