“Juno” Cast 10 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Hamburger phones, blue icy barf, tic-tac’s, boysenberry condoms, and Sonic Youth. How could we not love Juno?!

Long before the days of Teen Mom, Juno and Paulie—the quirkiest yet coolest couple in town—won their way into our hearts with their unusual teenage love… and pregnancy. Their 9-month story full with ups and downs was destined to grow into a classic since the day it premiered.

And it sure did!

This year, Vanessa’s legendary baby with fingernails is turning 10—and so is the movie! And while we continue to watch it religiously, Ellen Page, Michael Cera, and the rest of the “Juno” gang have moved on to plenty of other projects.

Here’s what the “Juno” cast has been up to, 10 years since the release of the movie!


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